Political parties have obligations under the Electoral Act 1997 and the Oireachtas (Ministerial and Parliamentary Activities Allowance) (Amendment) Act 2014.

What are the party's obligations?

Parties, and sub-units, must adhere to the donation and expenditure rules, disclosure obligations and limits set out in the Acts.

They must inform the Commission about:

  • Election expenses and donations – for Dáil, Seanad and European elections
  • Donations received during the year
  • The use of Exchequer/State funding – if this applies

Parties must also send annual audited statements of account to the Standards Commission.

We review the returns and publish our reports when we are happy that the information is complete and accurate. We also certify election expenses and the use of Exchequer funding with the Department of Finance.

How can I seek advice?

The Standards Commission has guidelines for donations, elections, the use of State funding and statements of account – which are available online.

Contact us at the Standards Commission for advice on your obligations under the legislation.