Do you have information about a breach of the Acts? The Standards Commission oversees compliance with the legislation within its remit and may look into possible contraventions. The Commission has different powers under the various Acts it oversees, as follows:


Under the Ethics Acts, the Commission accepts complaints from members of the public who believe that a contravention may have occurred. The Commission may conduct a preliminary inquiry or undertake an investigation into alleged breaches.

Electoral and Parliamentary Activities Allowance

Under the Electoral Act and the Parliamentary activities legislation, the Standards Commission may initiate inquiries in order to fulfill its legislative responsibilities. In some cases, if the Commission is of the opinion that an offence has occurred, it may refer the matter to the Director of Public Prosecutions. 


Under the Regulation of Lobbying Act, the Commission may investigate and prosecute offences under the Act. For more information on the Commission's role in regulating lobbying, or to make a query, visit