Oireachtas Members' Statement of Registrable Interest forms

Statement of Interest forms published by Dept. of Public Expenditure and Reform

Nil Statements – Oireachtas Members

Oireachtas Members who do not have any interests to disclose on their annual Statement of Registrable Interests are required by the Ethics Acts to prepare and furnish to the Clerk of Dáil Éireann or the Clerk of Seanad Éireann a statement in writing of that fact.

Nil Statements – Public Servants

The Standards Commission previously withdrew its recommendation that nil statements be furnished by public servants. However, it has recently reassessed the position. Item 5 of ‘Supporting Ethics Compliance: Top Ten Best Practices for Public Bodies’ provides, inter alia:

Where no interests are identified, it is strongly recommended that persons be encouraged to submit a nil statement. Nil statements are not a statutory obligation but are best practice.

The guidelines for public servants have been amended to include Nil statement forms.

The Statement of Nil Interests forms are available below.

Statement of Nil Interest Forms